Your Career at Pillsbury

A career full of opportunities

Every day, we work on ground-breaking matters for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Every day, we confront some of the most meaningful legal challenges of our time. Every day, we take on pro bono cases that change lives and frame important social issues.

This is a place where initiative is valued and rewarded, where self-starters become team players, and where continual growth—both professional and personal—underscores every successful career.

Emphasis on collaboration
Here, we don’t pay lip-service to teamwork. We live it every day. Yes, we are all strong individuals, driven to excel, and we all take great pride in our personal accomplishments. But we often do so in the context of collaborative groups, bringing together partners and associates from all levels, and from multiple disciplines.

Whatever your professional background—whether you’re a lawyer or in a staff position—you will likely be invited onto some sort of team. It might be formal or informal. It might be a training initiative or a study group. But from your first day here, collaborative involvement is a given.

Our formal client teams are charged with pursuing the highest levels of service—anticipating needs, solving problems, striving for results. We also have industry teams to stay abreast of issues important to our clients. Focus teams are formed in response to emerging legal issues—climate change, data privacy, disaster planning, cloud computing, etc.

In addition, we assemble task forces and ad hoc teams that leverage the many talents of our lawyers and staff. All of these teams are supported by the technology of collaboration—systems developed specifically to support group effort.

As your Pillsbury career evolves, you will find all the tools you need to thrive. The whole firm is built to assure it.