Talent Development

Pillsbury University

Pillsbury University is our answer to this crucial need for ongoing training and career-building. It provides our people—and clients—innovative learning opportunities that are accessible in many forms.

Pillsbury University draws upon the experience of partners, practice leaders, industry team leaders, internal staff, and outside facilitators to create curricula of uncommon breadth and depth. Pillsbury University offers training for everyone at the firm from the administrative staff to the most senior partners.

Honing professional skills
Through a mix of innovative teaching techniques, Pillsbury University offers a wide variety of skills workshops, seminars, and online coursework, including CLE programs tailored specifically for clients.

Attendees learn to identify their strengths, set achievable goals, and manage the personal transitions that will mark their entire career. They are trained to recognize business opportunities, develop personal business plans, and raise their profiles both within their work environments and in outside business networks.

Ongoing career training
At Pillsbury University, we foster a learning environment that is both interactive and creative in nature. “Learn by example” live classroom training can be integrated with easily accessed online coursework, and with video scenarios enacted by the award-winning Pillsbury Players. Programs include:

  • Deposition skills and trial practice workshops
  • Litigation skills series
  • Writing—including legal writing for lawyers and writing refreshers for staff
  • Communications skills
  • Project management
  • Succeeding as a new partner
  • Coaching techniques for senior staff
  • Writing workshops and drafting skills coaching
  • Advanced training series in multiple specialty areas—including Finance, Insolvency & Restructuring, Intellectual Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Real Estate
  • Client panels—including “What Clients Want”
  • One-on-one business development and client service coaching for partners, counsel, and senior associates
  • Complimentary, all-day “CLE Marathon” programs for clients—offered on both coasts

A 24/7 resource
The Pillsbury University site on our intranet offers 24/7 access to online courses and seminar materials, as well as a firmwide training calendar, online registration, DVD libraries of past programs, and much more.

We encourage all Pillsbury lawyers, staff, and clients to take advantage of this invaluable career-building resource.