Law Students

Welcome to Pillsbury. Sorting through where to start your career and how law firms really differ is most certainly a challenge, but we hope to make your job a bit easier. First take a moment to look at our interview tool – 15 Questions. We’ve polled our own associates over the years to find out what they wished they had asked on their law firm interviews, and as important, “to whom” they should have addressed each question. Then check out “The Interviewers” a 3-minute video featuring Pillsbury lawyers who do on-campus interviewing—what to do, say and convey when interviewing. We hope you will find these resources useful.

In terms of knowing what to remember about Pillsbury, we want you to consider this about our culture. We are a firm that is first and foremost:

  • Transparent – We don’t keep secrets. We don’t work behind closed doors. Every person at Pillsbury knows the financial condition and strategic direction of the firm. Transparency is not just a once-a-year communication but part of our everyday culture.
  • Entrepreneurial – Okay, lots of firms say this, but what do we mean? Simply put, you are able to drive your career in the direction that you want. If you get into an area of the law where you want to spend more time, we will help you do so. We are looking for self-starters who have a passion for helping clients solve legal and business problems. So from the start, you will be encouraged to dig in and learn not just about the law, but about your clients' industries.
  • Collaborative – The cornerstone of Pillsbury is collaboration – we work together in multidisciplinary teams with the singular focus of providing exceptional client service and results. From your first year, you will work closely with leading lawyers in their fields and you’ll be participating in practice and industry team meetings that in some firms are only open to the most senior lawyers.

There are many more things to know and learn about Pillsbury and we look forward to continuing the dialogue. We encourage you to sign up for an interview with Pillsbury when selecting firms for on-campus interviews.