Our people work really hard, but that doesn’t exempt us from the rest of life’s challenges and stresses. We do our best to accommodate both the short-term circumstances and the long-term needs of our people and their families. It is in the firm’s interest that personal and professional lives be kept in good balance.

Flextime options
We support a wide range of possible work arrangements, designed to ensure that productivity at work is a complement—not a conflict—to satisfaction at home.

If that means a flextime arrangement or some other non-traditional schedule, so be it. If it means a temporary or short-term flextime arrangement to handle a class, care for a family member, or a community interest program, we do our best to accommodate your needs.

Clearly, flextime doesn’t fit every situation—some positions lend themselves to more flexibility than others. But the firm believes that when professional progress might be adversely affected by personal responsibilities, flextime is a welcome option.

Balance workshops
Recognizing that the work/life balance equation can play such a crucial role in effective lawyering, Pillsbury regularly sponsors workshops on health and well-being issues. Past events have covered meditation, stress reduction, personal organizing, and a variety of family issues.

Family support systems
The firm also supports a number of programs designed to ease some of the stresses that can arise when work needs and personal responsibilities conflict, including:

  • New baby care leave for fathers and mothers
  • Private on-site nursing rooms
  • Backup childcare
  • Summer family events