Client Service Approach

Going above and beyond

Client service is at the heart of our entire approach to our business. We take our client relationships very seriously, which means we spend the time and effort to develop bonds that outlast any particular matter. Our lawyers strive to become seamless extensions of their clients’ in-house teams. The attitude here is very much “above and beyond” for our clients.

We have much to offer our clients beyond their immediate legal needs. The resources of Pillsbury University and our Continuing Legal Education courses are available to all our clients. We can tailor training programs to meet client needs and present at the client’s location. We offer secondments — assigning a lawyer from the firm to work in-house for a client. We provide incubator services for startups, networking events for clients with shared strategic interests, and free "second opinions" on legal matters for clients in new situations.

At Pillsbury, we have 10 client service mandates centered on communication and maintaining an open dialogue at all times, whether it’s about the best way to staff an engagement, the budget for litigation in process, or a discussion of alternative fee arrangements.

Our clients’ challenges are our challenges, and we devote significant resources to the issues that may affect them in the future. We assemble focus teams, bringing the firm’s top cross-practice and cross-industry talent together to study ongoing challenges and opportunities such as crisis prevention and management, virtual worlds and social media, water resources, public-private partnerships, and privacy and data protection issues.

Going above and beyond is an idea embedded in our firm culture. It fosters collaboration, it adds tremendous value, and it forms the basis for the kinds of long-term relationships we prize so highly.