Business Development

Business development is a team effort

As a new partner or counsel coming into the firm, we make sure you get the resources you need. Partners at all levels will join you in introductory meetings or pitches with both clients and prospects. Our business development staff will help you identify opportunities for cross-selling and new business as a result of your joining the Pillsbury platform.

We recognize that business development abilities need to be developed and refined over the course of your entire career. For that reason, we have made a serious investment in ongoing training and coaching.

As an associate, you can participate in our in-house business development workshops. For more senior associates and newly promoted partners, we offer our Accelerated Business Development Training Program, a six-week coaching program that includes a series of training techniques, together with highly customized one-on-one coaching activities.

Our goal is to help you position yourself in the marketplace. We work with you to find your own style—your own approach to success—developing a targeted plan and creating a disciplined approach to executing that plan. Our business development staff are there to support your efforts with proposals, networking events and media relations opportunities.