At the Office

At Pillsbury, we work hard—as hard as any group of lawyers, anywhere. But “group” is the operative word. In any Pillsbury office, it is collaboration that defines our work lives.

Teaming up
While each office has its own personality, core values and basic procedures are shared firmwide. The aim is to assure that lawyers from different practice areas—and from all levels—can pool their efforts in the service of our clients.

This team approach lets us bring a broad spectrum of talents and experiences to bear on every matter. It lets our clients draw from a wide range of resources and perspectives. And it gives all of us the benefit of good chemistry—of people who genuinely like working together. This culture of sharing the knowledge—both legal and industry—keeps us well ahead of the curve in rapidly changing fields. We try to know what our clients need even before they know it themselves.

The technology of collaboration
As a firm serving the pioneering entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, we realized early on that technology could serve as a competitive advantage for a law firm prepared to commit the necessary resources to leveraging it.

We are constantly upping our investment in what we see as the tools of collaboration. All our lawyers are supported by an array of systems and processes that lets them do their jobs effectively any time, from anywhere. We get our information faster, we are able to share it seamlessly, and we use what we learn to deliver exceptional service to our clients.